2.7.1 -> 2.7.2 OK

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Mon Mar 14 01:52:47 UTC 2022

(resending from correct address)

On Mar 13, 2022, at 16:34, Dave Horsfall wrote:

> Smooth as the proverbial baby's bottom on an oldish MacBook Pro, High 
> Sierra 10.13.6; well done, all.
> I'm quite taken by the progress bar on "cmake"; it keeps changing its 
> mind, just like a MacOS upgrade does :-)

The most common way that you might see a port build progress bar not behave correctly is if you are using the universal variant and the port uses the muniversal portgroup. In that case, you'll see the progress for building one architecture, and then the progress bar will reset and show you the progress of building the next architecture, etc. Other than that it should be pretty accurate, provided that the port's build system provides accurate progress information.

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