Does the migration procedure keep ports versions?

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Sat Oct 1 13:07:16 UTC 2022

See <>
and in particular down at the section entitled "When do Macs become obsolete?”

This is NOT worse than Windows. <> <>


One can of course still run Linux, probably still with updates, on many Windows boxes and some Macs, possibly without support of every peripheral or hardware feature; but older Macs would actually be likely to do better there.

OTOH, if kept clean, hardware can last longer, esp. with an SSD rather than a spinning disk. And some other hardware can last MUCH longer; I have a low-end Sun workstation (Sun Blade 100) that’s about 21 years old, and aside from some disk replacements (there are two, mirrored, so a single failure replaced reasonably promptly doesn’t lose anything), it just keeps running, if slowly by modern standards. Eventually I’ll migrate my slow home email server from there to a six years younger and far more powerful machine (but probably with most speedup being more RAM and much newer IMAP server software). But the Suns were built with overkill for airflow and everything else pertaining to reliability (rather than elegance or even performance), which is NOT particularly quiet or compact.

> On Sep 30, 2022, at 8:22 PM, Dave Horsfall <dave at> wrote:
> On Thu, 29 Sep 2022, chilli.namesake at wrote:
> [...]
>> When HS was first released, I swear it wasn't supported on 2010, and 
>> there was the typical expected uproar from customers, and a High Sierra 
>> patcher tool was quickly released by an independent developer 
>> (possibly ) allowing models back to 
>> 2008 to install it, But according to MacTracker, High Sierra is 
>> supported on 2010 MBP.  Maybe I had it wrong, maybe Apple had a change 
>> of heart.
> Interesting; I didn't have to use that tool, as it "just worked" and my 
> local Mac shop (from whom I bought my 2nd-hand MBP) recommended Sierra 
> only.
> But I wanted to use Garage Band etc.
> Apple is trying to force me (a pensioner) to buy the very latest, but I 
> don't see them contributing towards the cost...
> -- Dave

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