Questions on migration to macOS Ventura

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Tue Oct 25 18:09:26 UTC 2022


Theres no reason to wait for an official installer, the build from source route works just fine, and once complete gives you functionally as good a macports installation as the installer does. If you go this route, there is also no need to reinstall once the official installer is out.

Also, any ports you install, regardless of how you installed macports, and perfectly valid and do not need reinstalling if you subsequently change (or e.g. update at some later time) your macports installation.

Cheers Chris

> On 25 Oct 2022, at 6:58 pm, Artemio González López via macports-users <macports-users at> wrote:
> I just upgraded to macOS Ventura, and would like to migrate my MacPorts installation accordingly. However, when following the instructions at I realized that the MacPorts installer for Ventura has not been released yet. My questions are the following:
> 1. Should I build MacPorts from source on my machine, or is it better to wait for the “official” installer?
> 2. Should I choose the latter option, would it be safe to keep using in the meantime the ports I have already installed (w/o trying to update ports or install new ones)?
> Thanks a lot in advance, and thank you for your great work,
> Artemio Gonzalez Lopez
> artemiog at
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