James jam at tigger.ws
Thu Sep 15 23:48:08 UTC 2022

> On 15 Sep 2022, at 4:14 pm, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at macports.org> wrote:
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> On Sep 15, 2022, at 01:15, James wrote:
>> On 15 Sep 2022, at 12:30 pm, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>>> On Sep 12, 2022, at 16:56, James wrote:
>>>> ...
>>>> checking for xcode-select... /usr/bin/xcode-select
>>>> checking macOS version... 12.4
>>>> checking Xcode location... /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer
>>>> checking Xcode version... 13.4.1
>>>> checking whether the C compiler works... no
>>>> configure: error: in `/opt/local/var/macports/sources/rsync.macports.org/macports/release/tarballs/base':
>>>> configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables
>>>> See `config.log' for more details
>>> We'll need to see what's in the config.log to be able to diagnose this. I expect it'll be in the directory /opt/local/var/macports/sources/rsync.macports.org/macports/release/tarballs/base.
>> I've looked but being a bear of little brain ... little sticks out except -qversion not --version
> The errors about -qversion are not relevant. A configure script's purpose is to determine your system's capabilities for example by trying various commands with various arguments and seeing what works and what doesn't. Here, the configure script learned that your compiler doesn't accept the -qversion argument, which is fine and normal.
> The relevant error from the log about why the compiler could not create executables is:
> ld: library not found for -lSystem
> On macOS, the System library is the C library, a rather essential library for any software written in C. There's no way it can't be there; nothing would work if it weren't. In macOS 12 none of the libraries that ship with macOS are present in the filesystem anymore but they are in the dynamic library cache and stubs are in the SDK (so you won't see it if you look in /usr/lib and that's ok).
> I'm not really sure why you would be getting this error. There are many hits for this error on Google but most relate to Fortran which is not applicable here. Make sure you've installed the version of the command line tools that matches your Xcode version as closely as possible. There was no 13.4.1 version of the CLT so you'd want the 13.4 version. "xcode-select --install" can sometimes lie about whether the CLT are installed, so the simplest way to make sure they're installed would be to just redownload the installer and run it again.
> https://developer.apple.com/download/all/?q=command%20line%20tools%2013.4

I'd not have thought of trying that, but it worked, thanks (Ive been using macports on this machine, without any changes or updates for a year or so)

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