GIMP Quartz broken on 10.7, perhaps gtk

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at
Sun Jan 8 22:24:55 UTC 2023

I see the same thing on a fresh gimp2 install +quartz on 10.7 (one very tiny patch needed to gimp2 to change NULL -> 0 to keep clang-15 happy, otherwise a no-touch build).

However, there is no text drawn on any gimp2 windows or dialog boxes, as you noted.

Installing pan2 +quartz +gtk3, I see the same thing, no text anywhere, and many messages about “drawing failure for widget XYZ: out of memory”.

So there is clearly something to fix. Perhaps every quartz gtk3 application is broken on 10.7 (and some other systems? — not sure yet).

Reinstalling pan2 to build as +quartz against the default +gtk2 also shows no text anywhere (but no out of memory errors are revealed in the terminal window, which is probably just inferior default debugging).

I haven’t tested (as yet) the non-quartz versions of these ports.

I would write up the simplest possible gtk3 application that displays text, a real “hello world” thing, and then start debugging from there.



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