Pandoc build error on Ventura 13.1 arm64

Mircea Trandafir tramir at
Thu Jan 19 10:47:12 UTC 2023

Hi all,

I’m on a MacBook Air M1, Ventura 13, Xcode 14.1.  Pandoc is trying to get upgraded to 2.19.2 as part of the usual "upgrade outdated,” but the build fails (it used to fail at ghc a couple of days ago, but it seems a recent update fixed that). The error seems to be here (main.log attached):

:info:build Building library for pandoc-2.19.2..
[output omitted]
:info:build [ 30 of 227] Compiling Text.Pandoc.Shared
:info:build src/Text/Pandoc/Shared.hs:593:7: error:
:info:build     Not in scope: data constructor ‘Null’
:info:build     |
:info:build 593 |   go (Null:xs) = go xs
:info:build     |       ^^^^
:info:build src/Text/Pandoc/Shared.hs:977:16: error:
:info:build     Not in scope: data constructor ‘Null’
:info:build     |
:info:build 977 | blockToInlines Null = mempty
:info:build     |                ^^^^
:info:build [ 36 of 227] Compiling Text.Pandoc.Slides
:info:build src/Text/Pandoc/Slides.hs:33:88: error:
:info:build     Data constructor not in scope: Null :: Block
:info:build     Suggested fix: Perhaps use variable ‘null’ (imported from Prelude)
:info:build    |
:info:build 33 | prepSlides slideLevel = ensureStartWithH . splitHrule . extractRefsHeader . filter (/= Null)
:info:build    |                                                                                        ^^^^

Did anybody have the same issue and has a workaround, or should I file a bug report?


Mircea Trandafir
Senior researcher
Rockwool Foundation Research Unit
Ny Kongensgade 6
DK 1472, Copenhagen
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