Kernel extensions in MacPorts

Pierre Queinnec pmq at
Sun Jan 14 08:23:17 PST 2007

Hi all,

Eridius pointed me on IRC to MacFUSE, the recently released FUSE port to 
OS X. I wanted to see if there is interest in having it in our ports.

There is a major drawback in having kernel modules in the ports in the 
fact that it's a tad easier for curious & inexperienced users to mess up 
their systems. Of course, it's also a lot cooler for some of us to just 
install sshfs and make it work without spending too much time. This 
drawback could probably be addressed by having a separate category 
(something called 'kernel' for example) where we'd warn users that they 
can mess their systems up if they don't know what they're doing.

My first question is wether we want kexts in MacPorts at once. FUSE 
would be a fine addition then, we could also add something like a 
tun/tap device. If we are to just distribute the userland stuff, it's 
going to be harder to get users to update their kexts to match the 
userland libs versions.

Thoughts on this?
-- Pierre

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