"Documentation" milestone renamed

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpp at macports.org
Fri Sep 14 23:48:46 PDT 2007

	Evening everyone!

	I  recently renamed the "Documentation" milestone up on our roadmap  
to "Website & Documentation", so that tickets for the trunk/www space  
that's currently being rewritten can be grouped there too (tickets  
have the option of a 'www' component, which should be a natural  
choice). Unfortunately, the new name tosses the milestone to the end  
of the roadmap, so feel free to suggest a new/better one if you have  
any ideas.

	On a related note, the new website is shaping up pretty good, albeit  
a bit slowly as Chris and I haven't had much time lately. In any  
case, I do believe it is in a stage where it can already receive  
criticism, so please do voice your ideas and opinions (either on this  
list or as trac tickets, or both) if you have any input on the  
content and/or structure. As always, trunk/www HEAD is always being  
made available at my server:


	And my ideas for how the end product should look like are contained  
at the end of a message on the topic I posted in August:


	I do welcome any feedback on that and/or what's currently in trunk/ 
www. For the record, next up on my list is the rewrite of the main  
index.php page and of the last two sections ("Help" & "SVN Sources")  
of getmp.php.



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