"Documentation" milestone renamed

Randall Wood rhwood at mac.com
Sun Sep 16 01:44:56 PDT 2007

On 15 Sep 2007, at 02:48, Juan Manuel Palacios wrote:

> 	I do welcome any feedback on that and/or what's currently in trunk/ 
> www. For the record, next up on my list is the rewrite of the main  
> index.php page and of the last two sections ("Help" & "SVN  
> Sources") of getmp.php.

This is just a comment on the getmp.php page:

Maybe it should be organized such that all the stuff about "if you  
are not using OS X..." is below the package installer section. Also  
we could put a large "download now" item (button/banner/whatever)  
that downloads the .pkg for your OS if it is available, or the source  
tarball in all other cases in a manner similar to the sourceforge.net  
download now buttons.

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