Determine variant of dependency

Michael Wild themiwi at
Fri Sep 28 02:04:46 PDT 2007

Daniel J. Luke wrote:
> On Sep 27, 2007, at 10:45 AM, Michael Wild wrote:
>> I'm writing currently a Portfile for an application which depends on 
>> port:qt4-mac. Unfortunately, that port has the variant +framework 
>> which builds the qt4 libraries as frameworks. Unfortunately this 
>> changes the whole build process for my port. Now I would have to 
>> determine the variant with which qt4-mac is installed in order to able 
>> to build my port. Is there any way I can do that with the means 
>> provided by MacPorts?
> nope, as far as I know, that functionality does not currently exist.
> ... of course, you don't really want to test to see which variant 
> qt4-mac was installed with, you really want to test to see if it was 
> built as a framework or not.
> You could probably (in the portfile) test to see if the qt4 framework is 
> installed in /Library/Frameworks or not and adjust your build accordingly.
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Thanks for the answer.

But did you really mean /Library/Frameworks? Or 
${prefix}/Library/Frameworks? Currently qt4-mac installs the frameworks 
(probably quite unfortunately) into ${prefix}/lib.

To find out which variant is installed, I'm using now "file isdirectory 
${prefix}/lib/QtCore.framework" in my Portfile. Seems to work...


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