Mirror at PVV at NTNU in Norway

Einar Johan Sømåen somaen at pvv.ntnu.no
Mon Sep 15 16:38:12 PDT 2008

We at PVV are currently working on setting up a mirror-server for  
various OSS-projects, since we got a nice
new server recently. Does Macports needs a new mirror?

Internet-connection: 1000 Mbps (direct uninett-connection)
Location: Trondheim, Norway.
Uptime: No guarantees, as this is server is maintained as volunteer  
work, but we have a quite good track-record.
Native IPv6 support, and should also be fine with pulling from FTP.

If you are interested, let me know.

Einar Johan T. Sømåen
somaen at pvv.ntnu.no
PVV Member.
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