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Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Jul 13 23:39:15 PDT 2009

On Jul 13, 2009, at 17:31, Jeremy Lavergne wrote:

> We've had a ticket (#20278) come in about the web site once again.   
> Previously, to our chagrin the XHTML broke in IE7 (#14062).
> I'd like to point out that using XHTML was a somewhat divergent  
> path from HTML.  With the advent of HTML 5, we find ourselves once  
> again returning to the HTML side of things.
> Interested in this transition, I asked wms how to go about  
> instigating the change.  He directed me to ask you for your  
> thoughts on bringing the site into HTML 5. So, ticket-filers,  
> hecklers, committers, package maintainers, admins, and others:  How  
> do you feel about having the site change forward to HTML 5?

I have not kept up with the developments of HTML 5 except for the  
canvas tag. Is there a specific feature of HTML 5 you believe we  
should be using on the MacPorts web site, or are you just talking  
about changing the doctype? Would changing the doctype to HTML 5's  
give us better browser compatibility than we have now? I thought we  
were pretty much as good as we could get now with the XHTML 1.1  
doctype, though dropping back to XHTML 1.0 transitional or even HTML  
4.01 wouldn't be out of the question. and both use HTML 4.01 today.

#20278 was due to an inexplicable issue on the user's end that  
reformatted and changed the source code of our web site, breaking it;  
nothing we can do to fix that.

#14062 was due to Internet Explorer not handling XHTML documents  
served with the correct content type, so we fixed it by serving the  
incorrect content type to IE only.

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