[66441] trunk/dports/editors

Jeremy Lavergne jeremy at lavergne.gotdns.org
Tue Apr 13 10:24:49 PDT 2010

> Jeremy: Is checksumming normally taken care of in the fetch phase? I thought it was its own separate phase, and so overriding fetch would leave the checksum step untouched.

I mean we have a livecheck.md5 so we might happen to have a fetch.md5, in addition to our checksum phase.  Not likely, but a possibility or an idea for future implementation (on checksum fail, try again, max X times).

> Also, is there a way to change where my @macports.org email address forwards to? I can't seem to reply using my @macports.orgaddress from that account, so I had to forward the message to my Gmail.


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