Successful Build of Zoneminder -now issues w shared memory & or mmap

Mike Thostenson mike at
Tue Dec 14 21:14:23 PST 2010

So I am finally able to build Zoneminder 1.24.2 using BSD patches or just making a few mods to the svn 1.24.3 version (I can build either of them without a problem now). You can build Zoneminder with either shared memory or mapped memory functionality. I cannot get either method to work properly.

If I use shared memory I get:
[Can't get shared memory id '7a6d0001', 1: No such file or directory] 
Question: what would be a good shared memory ID for Mac OS X here? Do I need to point the shared memory to a specific path in Mac?

If I build for mmap it isn't ever creating the zm.mmap.1 by itself
[Can't open memory map file '/mmap/zm.mmap.1': No such file or directory]
I just created a /mmap directory and gave it wide open permissions for testing purposes but it doesn't ever create a zm.mmap.1 but if I do touch /mmap/zm.mmap.1 while zm is running then stop removes it automatically.

Here is a link to my prerequisite setup and build HOWTO:

The svn version which will be 1.24.3 is pretty easy to modify to get it to compile properly. I actually think modding the 1.24.3 version is easier. I have the 1.24.2 step by step with BSD patches listed in the HOWTO. Both versions are acting the same way about either shared memory or mapped memory.

I would really like to get Zoneminder working on Mac and at this point I am probably willing to pay someone to help me finish porting this over.

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