[MacPorts] #22993: new port for dovecot-sieve

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Thu Jan 28 00:00:02 PST 2010

On Jan 28, 2010, at 01:52, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> I haven't even begun to look at your dovecot-sieve portfile yet; I was just interested in getting dovecot updated to 1.2.10. I was referring to irrelevancies in the patch that was supplied in this ticket to perform that update:
> http://trac.macports.org/attachment/ticket/22993/patch-Portfile
> For example, it changes the Id line, it changes the branch variable name to major_version, it introduces a typo in the long_description, it adds an unnecessary distname directive, it changes pkgconfig from a build to a library dependency, it adds Darwin 7 blocks when MacPorts now requires Darwin 8 or newer, it changes the formatting of the rawlog and ldap variants.... Why were all these changes made and what do they have with updating the port to 1.2.10?

To answer this question a bit more clearly, I don't believe you deliberately made these changes. Your change to the Id line reveals what I believe happened:

-# $Id: Portfile 60534 2009-11-14 23:10:00Z ryandesign at macports.org $
+# $Id: Portfile 39958 2008-09-14 03:40:17Z jberry at macports.org $

I assume you took the original Portfile at revision 39958 and made some changes to it. But then you made a diff between the original Portfile at revision 60534 and your changed one which was based on the Portfile at revision 39958. Thus, your diff undid all the changes that have been made to the Portfile in the repository between r39958 and r60534. We probably don't want all those changes undone. Therefore, please submit a diff between the original Portfile at revision 39958 and your changed one, or much more preferably submit a diff between the original Portfile at the current HEAD revision and a new changed version that you create based on the current HEAD revision.

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