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Eric A. Borisch eborisch at macports.org
Mon Mar 7 14:02:27 PST 2011

My 2c:

1) Macports doesn't (to my knowledge, at least) install python packages in a
manner accessible from /usr/bin/python.

2) As it requires pyXX-pyqt4 to be installed, qgis needs to be built against
the macports python version where pyqt4 and its dependencies were installed.
(See again #1 as to why it must be the macports version)

3) This doesn't mean you need to use python-select to point to a macports
version, just that it needs to be installed. Python-select is for what you
get at the command line when you type 'python' or a shell script runs
/usr/bin/env python. Most programs that depend on python will permit you to
explicitly call out which python to use. Which leads me to my suggestion:

I would think the portfile should either pick a version (eg 27) or have
variants (+python27, +python26) to explicitly point to (with
"-DPYTHON_EXECUTABLE=${prefix}/bin/python2.7" and associated python
options in the configure.args) a macports installed python. This would
replace the Python_FRM, Pyver, Pyversion, and Pyverpath logic in the
portfile currently.

Again, my 2c.

  - Eric
Eric A. Borisch

2011/3/7 Sébastien Barthélémy <barthelemy at crans.org>

> Hello,
> I'm asking for an advice about a problem raised in ticket
> https://trac.macports.org/ticket/28664
> qgis fails to install itself with IMHO 3 problems
> 1) the fcgi dependency installation fails
> 2) the port is missing a py26-sip dependency
> 3) if py26-sip is installed, but python_select is
>   set up to use mac os X own python version, then
>   the port will use this version at the configure
>   step, the sipconfig module won't be found and the
>   qgis install will fail.
> I'm writing here about this third problem. The qgis port
> maintainer thinks that my python_select setup is wrong and
> that I should change it to use the python from macport.
> I think that there is nothing wrong with my setup and that
> qgis port should be smart enough (or maybe robust enough) to
> look directly for the proper python version from macport.
> The problem is that we have been unable to find any
> authoritative documentation or policy about this matter.
> Any idea?
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