Mspgcc4 port submission

Mark J. Blair nf6x at
Mon Mar 7 16:17:52 PST 2011

On Mar 7, 2011, at 4:00 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> Mark,
> I have provided feedback in the ticket now. Writing to this list is the correct procedure if tickets are not acted upon in a timely manner. And tickets for new ports, especially complicated ones like this one, take time to review, so many who scan the tickets may skip over them. If that happens, please poke us here until we react. :)

Thank you very much! Yes, I agree that this is a complicated one, and it has been (and continues to be) challenging to make it fit into the MacPorts worldview as cleanly as possible. I'll probably spend most of this week polishing it up based on your detailed and helpful review.

For new submissions, how long should I wait before I warm up the poker? :)

My next port submissions will be much simpler than this one... but a couple of them will involve kernel extensions, so it might still take me a couple of tries to get them right!

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