Devtools opensource release

Anders F Björklund afb at
Mon Mar 21 03:52:02 PDT 2011

Ryan Schmidt wrote:

>>> so ... do we build/ship our own set of tools?
>>> (it would be a bunch of new/extra work, but we could at least fix the /usr/local problem)
>> Why would you build your own Xcode,
> Presumably we're looking for solutions to the problem greatly discussed on the list recently, that Xcode seems no longer to be free as of version 4.

And why is that a problem here ? Mac OS X is not free either.

Thought that was one of the things abandoned with "MacPorts",
that it would no longer support Darwin OS or +puredarwin tools...

I'm very glad to see the Xcode source code releases, though!
But that's more for the Open Source, than for the Free Beer.

You could still use Xcode 3 for the Leopards, will see about Lion.

>> and what is the /usr/local problem ?
> Presumably the one where gcc looks in /usr/local for things by default even when we did not request it, leading to our sometimes inconvenient mantra that users must not have anything in /usr/local.
> Even if we were able to fix the compiler to no longer look there, I doubt we could revise our position on the matter, given how many software packages have /usr/local hardcoded in their lists of places to look for things.

Ah, thought that was more a "fact" than a "problem" to be fixed.

I'd settle for fixing the ones that hardcode /sw and /opt/local.


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