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Gustaf Neumann neumann at
Wed Jul 10 02:26:58 PDT 2013

Am 10.07.13 10:41, schrieb Rainer Müller:
> In the same way we currently have a local implementation of try based
> upon TIP #89, we could make it compatible with TIP #329/Tcl 8.6 instead.
> This could mean just importing the one from Tcllib (haven't checked its
> license) and make it work on Tcl 8.4. I don't think there is a need to
> wait until we have a bundled Tcl 8.6.
the TIP#329 implementation in Tcllib makes use of the following Tcl 8.5 

   lassign, dict, {*}

convert the single "lassign" in the try-implementation in plain tcl8.4 
is easy,
"{*}" doable, but dict requires a c-based extension

so, the difference in effort is similar to the bundled version.

 From my point of view, most interesting options are:

- since the try-usage in macports is limited, one should be
   able to modify the mac-ports-included try implementation to
   handle instead of "catch" the "on" variant from TIP#329.
   That would at least ease a migration phase.

- For a bundled tcl 8.6 implementation, the biggest unknown for
   me is the availability of compilers/configure-tools depending on
   mac os x platform. Would shipping of a binary tcl8.6 be an option?


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