Macports Tcl

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Wed Jul 10 19:54:30 PDT 2013

On Jul 10, 2013, at 04:26, Gustaf Neumann wrote:

> - since the try-usage in macports is limited, one should be
>  able to modify the mac-ports-included try implementation to
>  handle instead of "catch" the "on" variant from TIP#329.
>  That would at least ease a migration phase.

There seem to be two ideas going on here:

 1. ship a known good version of Tcl with MacPorts so that we avoid bugs in versions of Tcl on specific versions of OS X
 2. use Tcl 8.6 so that we can simplify some of MacPorts base

To satisfy (1) we can bundle Tcl 8.5 with MacPorts. Later, to satisfy (2), we could work on replacing the try/catch usage in MacPorts with a Tcl 8.6-compatible version. 

> - For a bundled tcl 8.6 implementation, the biggest unknown for
>  me is the availability of compilers/configure-tools depending on
>  mac os x platform. Would shipping of a binary tcl8.6 be an option?

I assume we would:

 * ship a binary of MacPorts (like we already do) and a binary of Tcl in the package download
 * ship the source of MacPorts (like we already do) and the source of Tcl in the source download

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