What would YOU like to see 'port doctor' do?

Kyle Sammons ksammons at macports.org
Wed Jul 23 11:03:00 PDT 2014

Hey Ryan,

On 7/22/14, 8:48 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> If you don't already do this, it would be useful to check that:
> * Xcode is installed
> * the Xcode version is new enough to be supported by the OS X version (some users upgrade the OS and forget to upgrade Xcode)
> * the Xcode version is not known to be outdated (see what the configure script already does)
> * the command line tools are installed
> * the command line tools are of the correct version for the installed version of Xcode

It seems I forgot to put that in there, but yes, I do check to see if 
the correct version of Xcode is installed. I've even written a config 
file, so that if Xcode ever gets updated, we can simply update the 
config file with the new version, rather than the code.

Thanks for the suggestions,

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