Looking for opinions on authorization frameworks for Pallet

Joshua Root jmr at macports.org
Fri Aug 7 13:46:49 PDT 2015

On 2015-8-6 04:14 , Kyle Sammons wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> Currently I'm at a fork in the road for the Revitalizing Pallet GSoC
> project, and was hoping to crowd source some ideas about how to deal
> with the Apple authorization framework used to get super user privileges
> to allow 'port' to execute correctly under the hood. This task is the
> last major one on my GSoC queue. There are three possible roads to go
> down here; I don't know which one is the "best" or "correct" one, hence
> the crowd sourcing here.
> 0. Do nothing; leave the current code in place, but continue to ignore
> it; require the user to run it with superuser privileges;
> 1. Update the authorization framework pallet currently uses, and use it,
> requesting authorization only when needed;
> 2. Remove all authorization frameworks from it, and require the user to
> run it with superuser privileges.

1. is really the only reasonable option. Whether you do it now or
someone else does it later, it's what we want to have in an app whose
target audience includes users who don't want to use the terminal.

I think that while we have your undivided attention, we would rather
have you working on the hardest problems that you can solve. Anyone can
do the easy stuff later, right? :)

- Josh

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