libc++, C++11, and C++14 on Leopard and Snow Leopard

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Jan 19 08:29:59 PST 2015

On Monday January 19 2015 16:55:13 Mihai Moldovan wrote:

> > Debian's default on powerpc is gcc 4.9.2:
> What about Minix? FreeBSD? GNU HURD?

What about them?

> Seriously, the FSF compiler won't cut it on OS X. Just as one example,
> it can't produce fat binaries (i.e., binaries with multiple
> architectures) and doesn't support the Apple Blocks extension. You won't
> have a lot of fun with FSF GCC as your default compiler.

That's only an issue if you want to build (modern) native apps, which is likely to fail anyway as Apple decided it was OK to couple ObjC to the OS.

FSF gcc will do fine to build the majority of FOSS projects. And I'm guessing most people on PPC don't have use for home-built fat binaries (not anymore, that is) ... I'm not sure what the status of 64bit support on 10.5/G5 is, but the PPC architecture allows to use 64bit numerical operations on a 64bit CPU in 32 bit addressing mode, so you do get that performance boost. If you have a G5...


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