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Sean Farley sean at macports.org
Thu Nov 12 15:01:17 PST 2015

Clemens Lang <cal at macports.org> writes:

> Hi,
> ----- On 12 Nov, 2015, at 19:48, Sean Farley sean at macports.org wrote:
>> Sure, it could include Jira, HipChat, and Bamboo, if you want. I only
>> said 'lost cause' because GitHub is so popular for open source projects.
> I don't think we would have a use case for HipChat, but I like Jira (even
> though Trac isn't too bad either and moving would be considerable effort).

I, too, like IRC more than HipChat :-) So much so that I wrote an ERC
module to make the bitlbee support better:


> The Bamboo agent runs on OS X, which could be used with our build servers,
> but support for older Java versions is deprecated, which could become a
> problem for our older OS buildbots :/

That's a good point.

> Is Crucible possible as well? Not that we currently do any code reviews,
> but it could become a useful development model to make contributions
> easier.

Sure but I've actually never used it. I mostly just use Bitbucket

>> We have the Bamboo service which integrates with Bitbucket and we can
>> set up for open source projects. I can do it personally so as to skip
>> the form filling out.
>> Bamboo just spins up Amazon vms but having these dedicated machines from
>> MacOSForge is pretty nice.
> Yeah, the Amazon VMs don't really buy us anything apart from the Linux
> base builder, which is the least of our problems. OS X on Amazon EC2 isn't
> going to happen.

Yeah, I totally didn't even think about that. >_< We'd still need
somewhere that has physical Apple hardware (I'm pretty sure there is
some extra hardware here, I'd just need to ask IT).

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