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Rainer Müller raimue at macports.org
Fri Nov 13 03:46:42 PST 2015

On 11/12/2015 11:25 PM, Clemens Lang wrote:
> ----- On 12 Nov, 2015, at 19:48, Sean Farley sean at macports.org wrote:
>> Sure, it could include Jira, HipChat, and Bamboo, if you want. I only
>> said 'lost cause' because GitHub is so popular for open source projects.
> I don't think we would have a use case for HipChat, but I like Jira (even
> though Trac isn't too bad either and moving would be considerable effort).
> The Bamboo agent runs on OS X, which could be used with our build servers,
> but support for older Java versions is deprecated, which could become a
> problem for our older OS buildbots :/

The issue tracker and the source control repository are usually very closely
coupled. Hosting the issue tracker somewhere than than the version control might
be confusing, especially if we do not have any control over usernames (as it
would be at GitHub).

Our Trac has some customizations (e.g. the port field and CC button), but we
always wanted more. The maintainer should automatically be notified when the
port field is set, tickets should be closed when a commit messages contains a
"closes #xxxxx" string. We even have scripts ready for some of these, but just
could never deploy them.

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