port:qt5 and (proposed) port:qt5-kde cohabitation

Lawrence Velázquez larryv at macports.org
Sun Oct 23 07:17:34 PDT 2016

> On Oct 23, 2016, at 5:25 AM, René J.V. Bertin <rjvbertin at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Sunday October 23 2016 02:21:02 Marko Käning wrote:
>> I guess we can wait committing those once the new GitHub workflow is
>> in place, because it would make reviewing all the changes much
>> easier in a GitHub’ish pull request. :)
> SVN is being retired completely?

GitHub provides a Subversion bridge if you wish to use it, but I don't
know if we'll support doing so. Our workflow will be Git-focused.


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