Addressing Port submission failures on Travis

Andrew L. Moore slewsys at
Wed Dec 20 07:22:22 UTC 2017

A couple weeks ago, I made a couple Port submissions (devel/libwebsockets and net/mosquitto).  Travis is reporting build failures for Xcode 7 and 8.  I don’t, unfortunately, have the resources to easily test on other systems, and the Travis report doesn’t seem to offer much guidance what the issue is, at least that I could see.  How to proceed?

On a separate note,  I notice that my pull request appears to be tracking my entire macports-ports fork, which includes changes to several other ports.  Should I create a new fork for each pull request?

For reference, here’s what i did:

* Created a fork of macports-ports on GitHub

* Cloned that fork to my local system

* Added  an upstream reference (

* Then to sync with upstream, I use:

  git fetch upstream
  git rebase upstream/master

* And to push to my GitHub fork, I just use:

  git push

Got now my pull request appears to have picked up all that activity.  Where did I go wrong?

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