Handling C++11

Marcus Calhoun-Lopez mcalhoun at macports.org
Mon Jan 16 18:48:13 UTC 2017

> The *only* time you should use a libstdc++ different from the system-provided one (or ones, on 10.7) is the current LibcxxOnOlderSystems --- which explicitly loses compatibility with all Apple-provided C++ libraries
Please forgive my ignorance, but doesn’t setting _GLIBCXX_USE_CXX11_ABI=0 make
the 4.2 libstdc++ from the system and the 5.1 libstdc++ from MacPorts ABI compatible

> gcc 5.1 libstdc++ is GPL3 and poses significant license issues with respect to distributing binaries, among others.
Again, there may be something important I am missing, but isn’t there a GCC runtime library exceptions that ameliorates this concern


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