Handling C++11

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For the details.

Set the ABI controls whether or not you compile using the new c++11 standards compliant implementations of string and list. If you set the ABI back to 0 then yes, you can then mix different std libs. But you are not strictly c++11 compliant. For that reason i do not think its a path we should be looking at as a general 'fix' for the stdlib issue. 


> On 18 Jan 2017, at 9:06 pm, Ken Cunningham <ken.cunningham.webuse at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 2017-01-17, at 7:43 PM, Marcus Calhoun-Lopez wrote:
>> I think perhaps I am not being clear in what I am proposing.
> I think it was me that was just missing something -- 
> Basically, rather than think about it as which c++ standard library the file is built against, think about it as which c++ standard library ABI it's built against -- pre-5, 5+, or libc++.
> I get how it could work now, if that's how it works. Have reached the limit of my present knowledge in the area, tho.
> Thanks, K
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