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> On Sep 26, 2017, at 08:38, Sterling P. Smith wrote:

>> Is there already tens of thousands of existing tickets with a "highsierra" tag?
> No, of course there only a few. I was referring to our total number of tickets.

>> Perhaps Chris is suggesting to just change the tag going forward.
> I would find that more confusing.
I find it more confusing that you would tag them by the name of the release. If I got to "Apple symbol" -> "About this mac", I get 
which has a version number, not a name. Maybe I am not enough of an enthusiast that I don't automatically connect that version number with a name. 

> I really didn't intend to start a big discussion here.

> I just wanted to point out a small issue with one of our wiki
> pages and to invite someone with interest in fixing the page to do so.

Someone also pointed out a previous wiki search page for named versions with a similar issue that never got fixed, so maybe there is no interest or ability to fix them, but there might be interest in using version numbers. 

Just my two cents. 

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