Which release supported installation destinations?

George Plymale II georgedp at orbitalimpact.com
Fri Sep 14 03:49:46 UTC 2018

Mojca Miklavec <mojca at macports.org> writes:

> I'm not entirely sure that I fully understand what the person tried to
> say, but you can install any version of MacPorts (including the latest
> one) to an arbitrary prefix. The only caveat is that you need to
> install MacPorts from source (./configure --prefix=/wherever/you/want
> && make && sudo make install) and that you loose the ability to get
> binary packages, so you'll spend more time compiling.

Thanks for the advice! I had the same thought, so I supposed that this
person was referring to some other feature. Perhaps this was a
miscommunication on his part and I should ask what he meant more
specifically in case he really was referring to some other feature.

Also, I'm curious. You said that I'll lose the ability to get binary
packages. Which element of this setup causes compilation to become
necessary: a source-based installation or running MacPorts in a
non-standard prefix?

> See also https://guide.macports.org/#installing.macports.source.multiple
> for some important notes about changing application dir etc. to
> prevent conflicts between multiple copies of MacPorts.

Thanks, that's some good info. I'll be sure to use it.

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