Q about a (new) portgroup file

Eric F (iEFdev) eric at iefdev.se
Sun Jan 27 12:17:14 UTC 2019

Thanks Chris,

On 1/27/19 12:41 , Christopher Jones wrote:
>> So, I'd like to ask… Where to put it?
> The port group code lives in the same GitHub project as the ports. See
> https://github.com/macports/macports-ports/tree/b7dbaee30cd63f197eb8d1b0db9090a5a5c948f4/_resources/port1.0/group
> New port groups should just be added there.
> I would also say submissions of new groups should proceed as PR request just
> like port updates/submissions.
> Chris

Yes, so PR it is then?

Since it more of a head start of the file (works, but I can't decide if it's
ready to go), I was thinking that I maybe I should present it somewhere, incl my
dummy Portfile, and add my notes - what's been done, and not been done, etc.
But, I guess I could add them in a gist and make ref to that one perhaps?

Ok, so if a PR - should I add a few labels to it maybe: needs more testing,
draft, wip?

On 1/27/19 13:03 , Joshua Root wrote:
> To expand on this, you can mark a PR as WIP until it's ready to merge,
> and you can force push to the branch in your fork to update the commits
> in the PR.
> - Josh
Ok, that answers my Q about that (above).

So, I can leave my comments (in the file), for now?

- - -

// Well, I guess when I feel I don't know the full magic of portfiles, I thought
it would be better (good practice) if someone hade a look/review at it, “pre-PR”. :)

· Eric
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