How to trigger port rebuild for arm64

Dave Allured - NOAA Affiliate dave.allured at
Tue Mar 9 19:02:48 UTC 2021

I work very occasionally on port fixes for arm64.  I tried to trigger
rebuilds of dependent ports on the arm64 buildbot, using simple revbumps.
For example, port geos was updated and built successfully on Feb. 15.  I
then submitted a revbump for dependent port spatialite, merged to MP master
on March 5:

However, it seems that the expected arm64 rebuild was never triggered, and
spatialite continues to show arm64 failure.  In particular note that the
last build predates the revbump:

The arm64 buildbot was "idle" this morning, if I am reading correctly.  So
what is the right way for me to get an arm64 rebuild started?  Should I
start blindly rev bumping until I get what I want?   ;-)   Am I missing
something?  Thanks for any advice.
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