How to trigger port rebuild for arm64

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Tue Mar 9 23:12:45 UTC 2021

On Mar 9, 2021, at 13:02, Dave Allured wrote:

> I work very occasionally on port fixes for arm64.  I tried to trigger rebuilds of dependent ports on the arm64 buildbot, using simple revbumps.  For example, port geos was updated and built successfully on Feb. 15.  I then submitted a revbump for dependent port spatialite, merged to MP master on March 5:
> However, it seems that the expected arm64 rebuild was never triggered, and spatialite continues to show arm64 failure.  In particular note that the last build predates the revbump:
> The arm64 buildbot was "idle" this morning, if I am reading correctly.  So what is the right way for me to get an arm64 rebuild started?  Should I start blindly rev bumping until I get what I want?   ;-)   Am I missing something?  Thanks for any advice.

You should never revbump a port just to get the buildbot to build something. *Any* change made to a port will trigger a buildbot build if one is necessary.

If you are a MacPorts developer with commit access, you can log in to the buildbot to force builds of any ports that for whatever reason did not get built normally (for example if there was build server downtime and I somehow neglected to schedule builds for those ports that were modified during the downtime). If a MacPorts developer with commit access does not have a buildbot login, they can ask me and I can make one.

Note that the ports web site is not currently importing new build information due to a problem [1]. If you'd like to be notified when the problem is resolved you can Cc yourself on that ticket.

According to geos @5.0.1_1 was built for all platforms (except 10.15 [2]) on March 6/7 including arm64.



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