Location to store binaries

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Sun Apr 17 14:03:04 UTC 2022

On Apr 17, 2022, at 08:45, Marcus Calhoun-Lopez wrote:

> I have been careful to submit all changes upstreams.
> So far, most of them have been merged already.
> The only changes I have not submitted are the ones that apply to systems prior to 10.7, which Rust does not support.
> These patches are small and can easily be kept as patch files within the port.
> However, that is not the reason for the fork.
> The fork would *only* be for the Release feature of gitbub that allows the upload of binaries.
> Specifically the upload of the bootstrap compilers for unsupported systems.

I understand that. If you were able to submit all of your fixes to upstream, then presumably it would be possible for them to build the next version of their bootstrap compiler in a way that was compatible with older systems and then maintaining your fork would not be necessary. That's why I asked.

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