Fastly Mirrors Throttled to 1 MB/sec?

Joshua Root jmr at
Wed Jun 8 17:41:35 UTC 2022

On 2022-6-9 03:12 , Daniel J. Luke wrote:
> FWIW on a first download I got 1.37MB/s over det-ix  ( is .3ms away) and my home connection got 981KB/s (to a faslty server 6.8ms away, so probably in chicago - my home ISP breaks traceroute so it's a little harder to see what's happening).
> ... on a second download I got ~100MB/s (or just about the max of what my gige connection can do) from both locations.\
> is the origin server bandwidth constrained?

The origin is, and fetching from there 
directly is considerably faster (~5 MB/s for me, vs 948 kB/s going via 
the CDN when it has to fetch from the origin).

- Josh

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