ports.macports.org gives strange port dependencies

Arjun Salyan arjun at macports.org
Mon Sep 26 18:35:09 UTC 2022

> On 26-Sep-2022, at 3:06 AM, Chris Jones <jonesc at hep.phy.cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> Its always been a limitation of the site that it can only report the deps for a single platform, but its a bit of a shame that platform also isn’t actually a macOS version.
> Instead of generating the portindex itself, running on linux, would it not work if instead it just grabbed the index from the macports buildbots, as also distributed to uses ? Say for the most recent OS. Using this instead of generating its own would at least make the results correct for one platform.

We used to do this earlier. But we decided to use a local copy of PortIndex to achieve faster updates to the port information. It is still very much possible to just fetch the portindex from rsync but it runs somewhat behind.

Right now we update the port information every 10 minutes (possible to do even more frequently). With rsync we are limited at around an hour (maybe more or less, I do not remember the exact lag).

But while we are at it, other than dependencies what else is not showing very “reliable” information? If it just dependencies, then we can explore possibility of getting just the dependencies from shared PortIndex (even show the OS?).
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