[MacPorts] #66723: pcre2 @10.42: no such instruction: `lzcnt %eax, %eax'

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at gmail.com
Fri May 12 16:27:21 UTC 2023

Everything is always open for discussion, being an opensource, volunteer
project, for sure.

We may never do what I suggested, or perhaps some variation of it. Someone
may want to keep around clang-3.4 or 3.7 for some reason.

I just look for the simplest, most direct approach.

gcc10-bootstrap is the last gcc version that can reliably boot from system
roots on all systems (even Tiger, headaches though there may be). So that
will be the launchpad for all the newer gcc versions (gcc12 and 13 at
present). All older systems will need to have access to that. Most users
should get it as a prebuilt binary from the build servers.

The current gcc10-bootstrap is not right yet. It will need to be rebuilt
differently. For example, the "universal" gcc10-bootstrap on Leopard has
the powerpc part as powerpc code and the Intel part as intel code -- so it
is not universal. A powerpc mac cannot use it to build Intel code, for

But once gcc10-bootstrap is properly sorted out someday, using it to build
clang11-bootstrap, and usng that to build a current macOS toolchain and the
latest clang compiler it can build (probably clang-14) seems just sensible.
There is no reason to go through the current clang mess of clang-3.4 ->
clang-3.7 -> clang-9.0 -> clang-12 (I think) -> clang-14 -> clang-current.
That is just -- well -- insanity really.

By "how many involved" if you mean humans, no idea. Anyone who cares to be,
although too many opinions leads to paralysis, as we have seen here before.
Probably not even will be me involved, to be honest, as I have too much too
do elsewhere and I am mostly using an arm Mac running Ventura at present.

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> #66723: pcre2 @10.42: no such instruction: `lzcnt %eax, %eax'
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> Comment (by mascguy):
>  Replying to [comment:6 kencu]:
>  > By the way, my "long term" plan for the toolchain on older systems
>  (everything < 10.11, say), would be to have gcc10-bootstrap build
>  clang-11-bootstrap, and then use that to build the toolchain.
>  >
>  > So clang-3.3, 3.4, 5.0, 6,0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, and 10 would all disappear.
>  While I like that idea in principle, it's also nice to be able to have a
>  slimmed-down MacPorts installation. But if folks have to wait many hours -
>  or several days, for old PPC machines - for toolchain components to build
>  from source... yikes!
>  Just curious, how many would be involved, with the new approach?
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