GTK on PowerPC: does anyone have it actually working?

Sergio Had vital.had at
Thu Mar 14 11:07:30 UTC 2024

> On Mar 14, 2024, at 5:33 PM, Riccardo Mottola via macports-dev <macports-dev at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Ken Cunningham wrote:
>> gtk3 (x11 variant) is working fine for me on PowerPC Leopard, for one.
> I'm hacking on GTK2 and GTK3 quartz support for Leopard... intel first, they were working well enough to get gimp starting up (gtk2...)

I think I could not get it to start, though it builds fine.

> The only other GTK3 app I use is meld, which is now unusable (doesn't even show a window) on 10.6 and 10.7, so I didn't even attempt on 10.5. on 10.11-10.13 it has heavy redraw issues (has since about a year). But it is really a maze of dependencies, so I don't know if the bug is in GTK or one of the many dependent libraries.

I did have problems with GTK and X11 ports on 10.6 ppc, but however:

1. 10.6 ppc is not an officially supported system in Macports, so some stuff may need extra fix-ups (usually trivial – fix some macros).
2. It is not impossible that I have a messed-up X11, since macOS implementation may conflict with MacPorts one, and there is also XQuartz. Unfortunately, there is no clear instruction how to go about that, and I have seen related complaints re 10.5 and 10.4.

Once I rebuild gcc13 on Leopard, I will try again there.

> I will try to build on 10.5 PPC tomorrow and see how things fare
> What app(s) do you use?

I guess you ask Ken, but anyway, does anyone have X11 GUI working for `transmission-x11` and `gtk-gnutella`?

P. S. On a side note, wxWidgets 3.1 also does not work for me, at least on PowerPC. At the same time almost everything Qt4-based works beautifully. Cocoa-based apps work, as long as the code does not rely on incompatible ObjC syntax and new SDKs.

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