problem selfupdating old (pre 1.2) darwinports

Tim Diggins subscribed at
Sat Dec 30 08:34:27 PST 2006

Hi -

I'm trying to selfupdate an antique version of darwinports, and when I do
 sudo port -d selfupdate
I get an error:
 Selfupdate failed: couldn't open
no such file or directory

this is understandable, because my version of darwinports is antique on
this machine (I (badly, very badly) haven't touched it for a long time)
and as the comment for revision states the
dp_version file has moved. If I duplicate from base/config/dp_version to
base/dp_version, then the sync will remove it...

clearly I just need to make install (or something similar - I'm bit
vague on such authentic unixness) for the actual port command itself
(without syncing and checking versions and so on. but not sure how/where
to do this. Alternatively I could reinstall, but don't want the new
darwinports to forget about the state of my existing ports...

advice appreciated!

(also, perhaps relevant? I was running panther, but have upgraded to tiger recently, and wondered if that might have any influence on the matter?)



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