GnuCash-docs doesn't work

Marc André Selig mas at
Wed Sep 27 10:36:31 PDT 2006

On 27.09.2006, at 18:54, Richard Nelson wrote:

> I have installed GnuCash 2.0.1 and GnuCash-docs 2.0.0 and all  
> dependencies including enable_ofx without significant difficulty.  
> GnuCash works well, and I am completing my transition from Quicken.  
> My only problem is that I cannot access the GnuCash-docs. They are  
> installed and active according to Port Authority, but nothing  
> happens when I select either Tutorial and Concepts Guide or  
> Contents under the Help menu. I'm sure there is something simple  
> that I have overlooked. Any suggestions?

GnuCash uses yelp to display help files, and the MacPorts version of  
yelp seems to be broken.  There are no handlers installed for  
actually displaying things, which is why selecting the menu items  
appears to do nothing.

You can try it yourself: open-x11 yelp; you should find GnuCash (and  
other) docs on offer there.  Selecting any document results in an  
error message.  IOW: The docs seem all right, but the Gnome program  
that is required to display them does not work.  Unfortunately, the  
yelp port does not seem to have a maintainer, so I don't know who to  
turn to.

FWIW, the same documentation is also available on the web:

Tutorial and concepts guide

Help manual


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