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Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> On Feb 16, 2007, at 15:47, Steve Lutes wrote:
>> I have a Mac with OS 10.2. I need install X11 on it for the purpose of
>> running GIMP.
>> I downloaded X11 from the Mac Developer Page and located a download
>> page for the
>> 2002 version of the Developer CD that works with OS 10.2.
>> According to the Apple Developer Web Site for X11 info. at
>> It states:
>> "Note: Installing X11 on pre-Panther systems requires manually
>> installing XFree86 and from the Sourceforge "XonX" project. "
>> It gives a sourceforge link as
>> Going to this link gives a download link for XFree86  in .dmg format
>> but not for In fact, this site says nothing about XDarwin
>> Further research just confused me. I need to know how to install
>> on my machine.
>> How do I do this?
> I don't think anyone on this list is likely to know how to do that. This
> list is for using MacPorts. You may be able to install MacPorts and say
> "sudo port selfupdate" and then "sudo port install XFree86" but I'm not
> sure how likely that is to succeed.
> If you want to get it to work the way Apple has described in their
> developer note, and you've followed the instructions and they don't
> work, you may have to submit feedback to Apple and ask them to correct
> their note. Or you could email the developers of the XonX project and
> see if they have any advice. Or see if they have any user forums you
> could write in for help.
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I think the X on X project installs and XFree86.

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