XFree86 / XDarwin and change of hostname

Kevin Ballard eridius at macports.org
Fri Feb 23 07:38:22 PST 2007

I'm not particularly familiar with how X servers work, but I thought  
that usually to connect to a local X server you set your DISPLAY to : 
0.0 which makes it connect to localhost.

Perhaps installing XFree86 does something to set DISPLAY to your  
particular hostname? This seems odd, but I don't know any reason for  
your hostname to affect this otherwise.

What do you get if you do an `echo $DISPLAY`?

On Feb 23, 2007, at 1:15 AM, Tabitha McNerney wrote:

> Hello,
> Today I needed to change the hostname of a Mac (running 10.4.8)  
> which has previously been installed with numerous MacPorts  
> including XDarwin via XFree86.
> After changing the hostname and then running:
> $ startx
> I could not connect to the X server, so I had to change the  
> hostname back to the name that was used when the MacPorts were  
> built and installed.
> I'm not ultra familiar with X and I'm wondering if anyone can  
> suggest how to change the hostname without having to uninstall and  
> then reinstall?
> In general, is it a risk to many other MacPorts to later change the  
> hostname?
> Thanks for any suggestions,

Kevin Ballard
eridius at macports.org

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