XFree86 / XDarwin and change of hostname

Kevin Ballard eridius at macports.org
Fri Feb 23 08:47:53 PST 2007

Why wouldn't localhost always be allowed to connect? It seems to me  
if you use :0.0 as your DISPLAY then it'll connect on the loopback  
interface rather than using the network interface, and I would expect  
that to always be allowed to connect.

Where do my assumptions break down?

On Feb 23, 2007, at 11:04 AM, Daniel J. Luke wrote:

> On Feb 23, 2007, at 10:38 AM, Kevin Ballard wrote:
>> I'm not particularly familiar with how X servers work, but I  
>> thought that usually to connect to a local X server you set your  
>> DISPLAY to :0.0 which makes it connect to localhost.
> Because of the design of X, there are potential security issues  
> with allowing anyone client to access the X server.
> There are different methods for dealing with this (see man 7  
> Xsecurity for details).
> I think by default, it's set to use the MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE method.
> In any event, the .Xauthority file stores the data used to  
> authorize the client with the X server and each entry contains the  
> X display name (which is the hostname + display number).
> All of which means, changing the hostname of a machine would cause  
> this to stop working (ie, this is expected behavior).

Kevin Ballard
eridius at macports.org

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