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Sat Jun 2 10:50:55 PDT 2007

Apple doesn't have any kind of fortran for Mac OS X / Darwin.  
However, various flavors of fortran are included in various flavors  
of GCC. You can use MacPorts to install GCC 4.1 (I think GCC 4.2 is  
still developmental). Someplace useful to you at some point is I know that I've  
compiled other peoples code that contains fortran (R language for  
statistical computing) under MacPorts. With that said, MacPorts  
doesn't seem to find the direct command to start the compiler  
(gfortran). I suspect you will need a 'portfile' to get this working.  
For my part, I haven't written fortran since ... 1977.


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> Hi,
> I have just been given some fortran source, which I need to compile,
> so I was curious to know whether a fortran compiler existed as part
> of MacPorts? There doesn't seem to be a Fortran compiler as part of
> the basic gcc installers that comes with XCode, at least there doesn't
> seem to be an f77 command.

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