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Sat Jun 2 10:52:17 PDT 2007

On 2.6.2007, at 20.50, Charles White wrote:

> Apple doesn't have any kind of fortran for Mac OS X / Darwin.  
> However, various flavors of fortran are included in various flavors  
> of GCC. You can use MacPorts to install GCC 4.1 (I think GCC 4.2 is  
> still developmental). Someplace useful to you at some point is
> I know that I've  
> compiled other peoples code that contains fortran (R language for  
> statistical computing) under MacPorts. With that said, MacPorts  
> doesn't seem to find the direct command to start the compiler  
> (gfortran). I suspect you will need a 'portfile' to get this  
> working. For my part, I haven't written fortran since ... 1977.
> Chuck
> On Jun 2, 2007, at 12:44 PM, macports-users- 
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>> From: Andre-John Mas <ajmas at>
>> Subject: Fortran
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>> Hi,
>> I have just been given some fortran source, which I need to compile,
>> so I was curious to know whether a fortran compiler existed as part
>> of MacPorts? There doesn't seem to be a Fortran compiler as part of
>> the basic gcc installers that comes with XCode, at least there  
>> doesn't
>> seem to be an f77 command.
gcc42 went stable a while ago, so that is the current official  
release. Looking at the port system bin directory, the way to launch  
the compiler seems to be 'gfortran-mp-4.2'. I didn't test this, but  
there it seems to sit waiting for code to compile:-)

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