interspersed and cut off

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Jun 11 18:05:15 PDT 2007

On Jun 11, 2007, at 19:27, Pete Gontier wrote:

> Thanks for the super -prompt and -useful response. Didn't know  
> about variants. I ended up with "+apache" and second-guessing the  
> instructions emitted to work with the Apache that was already on  
> Panther, and this seems to have gone swimmingly. Having achieved  
> comfort with variants, I threw in some more: "+mysql5 +sqlite  
> +pear". We'll see what I get out of "+mysql5" in a few hundred  
> years when my glacial development server finishes building all that  
> I've thrown at it. I suspect I probably should have built mysql5  
> with its own set of variants (I would have thought "server" was  
> implicit but it appears not to be), but maybe it will all work out.  
> Good thing I am not in a hurry or I'd have to actually know what I  
> am doing before trying it. :-)

Yes, if you want to run a MySQL 5 server, you will need to uninstall  
the mysql5 port that just got installed (sudo port -f uninstall  
mysql5), and then install it with +server (sudo port install mysql5  
+server). And this will again take a long time. Sorry...


>>> I've just installed PHP5 on a Panther box. At the end of the  
>>> progress
>>> messages, I see:
>>> --->  Installing php5 5.2.3_0+darwin_7+macosx
>>> If this is your first install, you might want
>>> --->  Activating php5 5.2.3_0+darwin_7+macosx
>>> --->  Cleaning php5
>>> This is not a misquote; it really does look interspersed and cut  
>>> off like
>>> that. I can probably grep for "If this is your first install, you  
>>> might
>>> want" and find the rest of the text, though I have not yet tried  
>>> that. I
>>> suppose it might be relevant that I got this in interactive mode.  
>>> I'm
>>> going to file a bug report, but in the meantime, can anybody  
>>> offer any
>>> better hints as to how to proceed?

Thank you for reporting this. I recently removed some stuff from  
php5. Before, it would build for apache by default, if you did not  
select a variant. I found this behavior weird; the MacPorts way is to  
select a variant if you want it. So I removed that logic, but did not  
realize what effect it would have on the messages emitted at the end.  
I'll fix the messages.

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