installing vim with graphical mode

Emmanuel Hainry ehainry at
Fri Jun 15 06:32:58 PDT 2007

Citando Elias Pipping :
>  Hi,
>  I did that for multiple reasons.
>  First of all, I felt +aqua didn't qualify as a mere variant.
>  It's a hack that goes so far, that vim -aqua and vim +aqua
>  can be regarded as two different ports.
>  For instance, vim +aqua doesn't come with vimdiff, vimtutor,
>  etc.

That is not really true: I have installed vim-app and not vim, plus have
made symlinks vim, vimdiff, vimtutor point to
/Applications/Macports/Vim/ and everything
works fine (I propose the creation of those links to be made into a
variant for vim-app, this way, vim +aqua zealots will never have to
install vim ever).
>  Even more importantly the vim folder ${prefix}/share/vim/...
>  does not come with vim +aqua, instead that folder is located
>  at
>    /Applications/MacPorts/Vim/
>  (iirc)
>  So, in comparison, if e.g. the +no_prefix or whatever it's
>  called now variant that gnu ports like findutils have, *only*
>  installed 'find' (and the like) instead of 'gfind and find',
>  it would make depending upon findutils very difficult,
>  because there'd never be a path one could be sure 'find' can
>  be found at given the port has been installed.
>  The same is true for vim +aqua / vim -aqua. There needs to be
>  a path the vim folder can be found at, always, no matter what
>  variants have been applied.
Do some ports need to know where the vim folder is? Ports like cmake
that provide a .vim syntax file just put it in share... However, once
more, a link would resolve this matter.

>  Furthermore, bumping vim is not a problem. The new patches
>  apply cleanly. However, with vim-app i.e. there's the macatsui
>  variant which consists of a patch that breaks pretty much with
>  every new patch. Bumping vim shouldn't be delayed for a variant
>  that's only a subvariant of +aqua.

So that is the reason! Good enough for me. And as I am not inclined to
always have the latest version, I will stay with vim-app +links.
>  Some people raised the concern that having to install both
>  vim and vim-app now, if one wants both a console vim and
>  a gvim (although technically, console vim *can* be accessed
>  via
>    /Applications/MacPorts/Vim/
>  ), one'd have to install the vim folder twice, which takes
>  up 20MB.

Yep, technically, but it can be made really simpler...

variant links { 
	post-destroot { system "ln -s
${destroot}${prefix}/vim; ln -s ${destroot}${prefix}/vim

>  On the other hand, I have to say I no longer really care. I
>  still consider having split up vim into two ports a good
>  decision, however, if there's concensus, merging vim-app,
>  back in, go ahead - all the ports i maintain are openmaintainer.


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