installing vim with graphical mode

Rainer Müller raimue at
Fri Jun 15 09:12:44 PDT 2007


I'm the maintainer of vim-app. Just let me jump into the discussion.

Emmanuel Hainry wrote:
> Citando Elias Pipping :
>>  Hi,
>>  I did that for multiple reasons.
>>  First of all, I felt +aqua didn't qualify as a mere variant.
>>  It's a hack that goes so far, that vim -aqua and vim +aqua
>>  can be regarded as two different ports.
>>  For instance, vim +aqua doesn't come with vimdiff, vimtutor,
>>  etc.
> That is not really true: I have installed vim-app and not vim, plus have
> made symlinks vim, vimdiff, vimtutor point to
> /Applications/Macports/Vim/ and everything
> works fine (I propose the creation of those links to be made into a
> variant for vim-app, this way, vim +aqua zealots will never have to
> install vim ever).

I didn't know vimdiff and vimtutor are just symlinks...

>>  Furthermore, bumping vim is not a problem. The new patches
>>  apply cleanly. However, with vim-app i.e. there's the macatsui
>>  variant which consists of a patch that breaks pretty much with
>>  every new patch. Bumping vim shouldn't be delayed for a variant
>>  that's only a subvariant of +aqua.
> So that is the reason! Good enough for me. And as I am not inclined to
> always have the latest version, I will stay with vim-app +links.

Yep, e.g. I'm still waiting for a new version of the macatsui patch
(experimental, but looks much nicer) for inclusion. Therefore the split
enables vim-app to have different variants than vim.

> Yep, technically, but it can be made really simpler...
> variant links { 
> 	post-destroot { system "ln -s
> /Applications/MacPorts/Vim/
> ${destroot}${prefix}/vim; ln -s ${destroot}${prefix}/vim
> ${destroot}${prefix}/vimdiff"}
> }

Which would conflict with the vim port if installed. No, I'm not going
to mess with files provided by other ports.
Think about it. Install vim-app +links, install vim, remove vim-app.
Either installing vim fails because of those links or they will be
overwritten, but then deleted on removing vim-app. That makes it too
easy to mess things up.

About the problem of different versions: I just didn't recognize
patch 002 is out. I provided a patch for the Portfile in trac today [1].



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