installing vim with graphical mode

Emmanuel Hainry ehainry at
Mon Jun 18 00:59:22 PDT 2007

Citando Rainer Müller :
> Hi,
> I'm the maintainer of vim-app. Just let me jump into the discussion.
> Emmanuel Hainry wrote:
> > Yep, technically, but it can be made really simpler...
> > 
> > variant links { 
> > 	post-destroot { system "ln -s
> > /Applications/MacPorts/Vim/
> > ${destroot}${prefix}/vim; ln -s ${destroot}${prefix}/vim
> > ${destroot}${prefix}/vimdiff"}
> > }
> Which would conflict with the vim port if installed. No, I'm not going
> to mess with files provided by other ports.
> Think about it. Install vim-app +links, install vim, remove vim-app.
> Either installing vim fails because of those links or they will be
> overwritten, but then deleted on removing vim-app. That makes it too
> easy to mess things up.

I do not know how links are treated by port activate (and for this
matter port deactivate), but I know that when two ports provide a file
in common, macports does not mess things up except if you tell him to

vim-app provides /opt/local/bin/gvim, which conflicts with 'vim +gtk2'
(or motif or athena or gtk1). Since vim-app (the port) provides the
functionalities of vim (except for its graphical variants), their being
in conflict is not a problem, people do not need to have both active at
the same time.

> About the problem of different versions: I just didn't recognize
> patch 002 is out. I provided a patch for the Portfile in trac today [1].
> Rainer
> [1]

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